The possibilities for designing and making jewelry are endless, so I never have to be bored about it or have to repeat my designs.
Every piece that comes from my workshop is designed and made by me. I combine art and craftmanship, both things have the same value to me.
My jewelry are not trend following or copied, but groundbreaking, as wel as design as use of material. 
I create top-quality pieces, not fashion of today, but a legacy for coming generations.

I am passionate about creating exceptional jewelry. For my own collection, but also in commission. I am always striving to push the boundaries even further and to surprise my customers with something beyond their expectations, even when the original request was already extraordinary.

In my webshop you can find examples of my work, I can make your wishes for jewelry come true. If you want jewelry like shown in the shop? Just order, but if you rather would see a change in the design, or you have a completely other idea about a jewel, I can make a drawing of your idea and give you a quote.
Only if you are completely happy with the design, material and price, you are free to place the order.

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