In this webshop you will find pieces of jewelry I created to my own design, but also made to special ideas of customers.
Some pieces are on stock and can be delivered within a week.

Other pieces of jewelry show a "request for quotation" button, these pieces are not on stock, I can make the piece for you if you assign to.
The benefit you have is that if you are inspired by one of the pieces but you rather have it slightly different made, it will be no problem.
I can make a drawing of your idea and write to you what the price of the product will be when it is custome made bij your wishes.
If you agree with design and price I will make the item. 

In the description of the product I wrote what the price of the product will be when it's made as in the picture. 

You also can turn in your old gold to me, but maybe you want your old pieces of jewelry turned in to something new? Ofcourse I can do that.

If you can not find those special wedding rings that can suit your relationship, I can work with your ideas and make a suitable design.

Maybe you want a memorial ornament in memory of a loved one and you have your own idea about that. Or we can work together to create an idea for a memorable piece of jewelry what will make you enthousiastic.

If you have any wishes of this kind, please fill in the contact page and I will contact you as soon as possible.